Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day update

Hey! Our Thanksgiving was great at Caro’s house. Adam loved playing with Bronnie! Yesterday morning I heard Adam ask Bronnie if he could lay down with her to watch TV and she said, “Only if I can hug you.” So, they cuddled up and watched TV.

We had a fabulous dinner of the usual items, including probably the best dressing I’ve ever had. It was delicious! Everything else was great, but I could have had just dressing and been happy.

I see my camera is still acting up. It adds 30 pounds and an extra chin to all of the pictures of me. I was more cheerful than I appear--we were playing a game that required reading through a clear red de-coder and I could barely see.  Old age is heck, and you're all right behind me.

Sophie was so cute in the Nutcracker. I was crying through it, but she was great. She was the cutest little mouse, with her glasses! I could never have done what she did. She was doing cartwheels and spinning around in front of probably 200 people. It was awesome! When she was getting ready, she looked so grown up and so much like a real ballerina.

Austin was with Marc, which cuts both ways. I miss him every minute of every day, but he’s so much work, that I guiltily rest from the drama. Of course, we were home 20 minutes when Marc delivered him to us at home, a day early and riddled with disease. He probably has the flu again, in spite of having been vaccinated for seasonal and H1N1, but he’s having a strep test in the morning to be sure. 102.4 degree fever this morning! Being sick makes him very sweet and affectionate. I guess I know how to tell when he’s feeling better.

It was good to talk to Gaby yesterday. She’s not her usual bubbly self, but it’s nice to talk to her since her visit.

I understand Lola is sick. Probably from too many informational sessions and strenuous meetings at work.

I talked to Caro and Gaby and since the birth order posting idea isn't working, whomever feels like posting, at whatever time, should feel free to do so. 

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