Sunday, November 29, 2009

Someone's Gotta Strangle the Chicken

Hot Tamales in the Red Hot

Mom is constantly wringing her hands over passing down the tamale-making legacy.  She once told me that she felt Gaby was her greatest hope in keeping the recipe alive - ouch!  I've helped her make them several times....I've lugged 10 pounds of frozen masa from Texas to Boston....Shawn and I have made them by ourselves in Guam (although they weighed about 2 lbs each and you could only eat 1 per meal).  Anyway, my efforts go unnoticed, yet I continue to volunteer my services!  Whatever, they are delicious and as long as you stay 1 step ahead of the dishes (and are willing to sacrifice your blender and strainer) they are worth it!

Mom and the dogs quickly found their groove!
So, I guess I'll be needing a new smoothie blender

Not as messy as it could be 

There was a nice sheen of lard covering most surfaces of the kitchen.  Why won't Biko lose weight? 

This is the best part - one scoop of meat/chile for the tamale, one scoop for my mouth! 

Bagheera's interest is purely for posterity.

Anyway, too bad you weren't here to taste them fresh out of the pot!  They are the best we have made together.  I'm going to walk a few steps to my fridge and help myself to a few!

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  1. They are delicious! You guys have outdone yourselves.

    The sweet ones are my favorites!