Friday, November 20, 2009


I was in Memphis last week, right before Gaby came to visit. I told Gaby and Caro this already, but Lola hasn't heard.

After an annoying delay in Atlanta, I made it to Memphis. I worked with the nicest people, who took me to Corky's for dinner. Delicious, but if I lived in Memphis I'd be as big as a house.The hotel itself was really something. Here was the marquee:
I guess they needed something to brag about. I did try the shower, and it was excellent. I was in room 311, so I walked past 309, past an unmarked door, then the next door was 313. So I backed up to the unmarked door. That was mine!

I didn't leave the room at all because a friend told me that the particular part of Memphis near the airport is full of drug dealers and prostitutes. The next day at the airport, I went to empty my bladder. In addition to listening to a woman who was multi-tasking by pooping and talking on her phone, I saw this reminder scrawled on the stall door:
I really hope the woman in the next stall is off the toilet and phone by then.

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