Saturday, December 12, 2009

Buzz Word Bingo

When I’m in meetings I make a list of buzz words that I hate. As people use them, I make a tick mark, thereby satisfying the need to look engaged and busy, and to count ways that people bug me. My go-to list is:

  • If you will (and I will. Will you?)
  • Honestly (does that mean that people aren’t honest unless they preface with “Honestly”? Yet, I find myself saying, “To tell you the truth…”)
  • Things of that nature (gag!)
  • Whatnot (what? What not?)
  • You know (Yes, I do know. You just said it.)
  • Thus Far (the olde English, I don’t fancy)
  • Heretofore (wheretofive? Hehe)
  • Thusly (okay, so no one ever uses this one. But I’m ready just in case)

That being said (which is another of the phrases that bugs me), I would love for the following to make it into the common vernacular:

  • Crikey!
  • Egads!
  • Blech (not the sound, the word)

Caro’s most recent post made me nostalgic for those vacations in the station wagon where we would pop an 8-track and sing along while driving through the seemingly endless desert.

Mandos called me last weekend when he and his family and Mom were in NYC. I always imagined that they were off gallivanting, eating at fancy places with their pinkies held high and carrying bags of shopping from expensive stores. No, they were arguing about whether the Man of La Mancha soundtrack was ever played in 8-track format, in the station wagon. As I told Mandos, I’ve stopped being jealous.

I have almost finished my Christmas shopping, except for a few little things. Jim and I are getting Mom a remote car starter installed in her car. Because it is ridiculously expensive, it will be her combined birthday and Christmas presents from both of us. In this climate, it is almost a necessity to have a warmed car, and where she’s getting into her car after being up all night three nights a week, she needs it.

Which reminds me—I wonder if Brittany realizes that she has a remote car starter on the Honda? If she needs help, call grandma and she’ll ‘splain the functionality and wonderfulness of the remote starter!

We are very much looking forward to Sophie and Bronnie at our house today. We’re going to the American Girl store for lunch, making s’mores in the fireplace, watching a Christmas movie or two, and generally, partying. Maybe there’s enough snow to go sledding at the cemetery, which is always good. Mom’s birthday is Monday, so we’ll definitely plan something to celebrate while we’re all together for tomorrow's lunch.

Conveniently, Caro didn’t ‘splain that she said, “Somebody’s gotta choke the chicken” at Thanksgiving and claims she wasn’t aware of the sordid meaning. I told Jim and he said, “I always thought it was ‘choke the bishop’.” I guess that’s because of the um, yeah. You know.

I think I’ll make some kolaches this Christmas. He he.


  1. Can you add "supposibly" for me and "the former versus the latter" for Shawn?

  2. Also, I think Mandos is mistaking Man of La Mancha with Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Ole Oak tree - which was very much a part of the 8-track experience of the caprice classic.

  3. i would submit:

    - pips (simonspeak for "pits" as in, seeds). drives me batty
    - veerical (a certain brit's word for "vehicle"! YES it's true!)

  4. "To dream... the impossible dream....!!

    Also, what's up with cropping me out of the photo???